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Lee Haynes

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30 years security experience, here in the UK, AND, Overseas. My experience is both from my study in the field of Criminal Psychology, and, working with victims. I have a firm understanding of the technical field from working as an IT engineer and trainer. Abroad understanding of security from working in the security sector, since 1988. Dealing with stalking is a long slow process. However, with support you are not alone. My aim is to help you gather the evidence to aid in prosecution as well as provide you with the tools to help you take back your life, freedom and to support you through these difficult times.



2014–Present Anti Stalking Consultant

​Working and support victims of cyberstalking, physical stalking. Providing situational awareness presentations.

2015–2017 Contract Security Professional

Working as a contract security professional East Midlands and Staffordshire

2004–2013 - Freelance IT Trainer Consultant

Computer security, Ethical Hacking, Computer Forensics. Technical engineer.

1988 - 2004 - Freelance Security Professional

Contract security profesional Close Protection, VIP Driver, Chauffeur UK, USA, Europe, Nroth Africa, South America.


Anti Stalking

Physical Security

Cyber Security


Digital Investigations

VIP Driver





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